Dissertation 碩士論文

My MSc dissertation on the Study page has been re-formatted to a pdf file. It is easier to read in its new form, but the size is about 500KB. The speed of loading the pdf file is slower than before, but is still acceptable for broadband connection.

There have been some changes in the audit scene since 1995. The Audit Department has changed into Audit Commission. However, its role as a government department is still the same. The political scene since 1997 has also changed. More direct elected seats have been introduced to LegCo. But unfortunately the PAC is still not effective in monitoring the value for money aspect of government programmes.

Photo page

The photo page has been updated with bilingual text. I wish to re-design this page with a different presentation of the albums, perhaps by a map or grouping them by region. But I have not decided. So watch out for more changes in this page later.

News of the website and comments are put to a weblog. This is a easier way to maintain their content.


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