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Protect your cloud data

Cloud computing is the order of the day.  It is receiving much attention and many companies have moved their IT platform to the Cloud.  However, the fact that the core of Cloud computing is to relocate your data away from you has created a sense of insecurity for many.  Security measures for the Cloud have […]

Life after death service

Following up on my blog article on Life after Death in December last year, there is a report in CNN on the provision of life after death service on the Internet.  If you are interested, please read this report on Digital Afterlife.  There are now providers of immortal life which is considered to be a […]

Who’s watching you

There is a very interesting article in the January issue of Scientific American about personal data privacy on the Internet. The main issue is who is watching you. This could be welcome by some, as illustrated by the graphic below. A picture is worth a thousand words. It shows that some people are happy to […]

Life after death

Life after death.  Not a delusion.  Not a narrative fallacy.  One can really exist after death.  One’s whole life can live on forever as memory in someone else’s mind.  Now one’s whole life can live on physically everywhere with a presence to everyone.  BBC carried an article in December on this subject.  If you want […]

Your sign board

Yesterday I read from the Internet a photograph of a sign board below.  It is supposed to be a joke of someone by putting it outside his house.  However, it struck me as being much more than a joke.  It has a philosophical undertone and reflects the reality and the dilemma we face everyday with […]


Research in Motion may as well rest in peace.  The most powerful feature of its Blackberry phone is being banned in UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.  The feature is the encrypted email and SMS being sent to a server of choice.  It is different from many public-domain webmail and SMS services which transmit data unencrypted. […]

Octopus and Google

On the eve of the retirement of the Privacy Commissioner, there are more privacy matters for him to handle, putting him in the spotlight. The two most newsworthy cases are the Octopus and the Google street view. I am not sure why the Octopus privacy issue suddenly becomes news. It probably arose owing to the […]

Privacy is dead

I have been paying much attention to the topic of personal data privacy, not because I am a defender of privacy but because it is an important human resource management issue. In a modern society where survival depends on the services of others, it is necessary to interact with others and provide them with your […]

Spying requests

We all heard that UK has the greatest number of surveillance cameras in the world. Her citizens are also constantly being monitored on all types of communications. USA has similar development where a recent legislation gives the government greater power in monitoring overseas telephone calls and email transmissions. Many people trust the government in doing […]

Corporation’s Role in a Surveillance Society

Harvard Business recently launched an online discussion on the role of corporations in a surveillance society. The lead article was written by Gill Corkindale from London. It is not surprising that the issue was brought up by someone from London. London is now the most surveilled city in the world. It is estimated that there […]