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Monthly Archives: December 2004


This is an article I read from Ming Pao in July 2004, written by 龍應台,前台北市文化局長。It is about power in the society and it reminds me of the subject I learnt from the lecture on political science in my MSc study. It is especially revealing in the present day scenario when we witness intensively everyday the […]

Boosting government productivity

Further to the article from Mckinsey Quarterly on Organizing for Effectiveness in the Public Sector, Mckinsey carries another article on a similar topic. Although it is not a sequel to the last one, it is similar in that it is about Boosting Government Productivity. The article starts by proposing a way to meet the expected […]

Organizing for Effectiveness in the Public Sector

I read an article in the November 2004 issue of the Mckinsey Quarterly on Organizing for Effectiveness in the Public Sector. It is an interesting article relevant to the issues we are facing. If you are concerned with the problem on the effectiveness of the government and wish to know a possible way out, you […]


Just browsed through the notes of July 2004 meeting of the EGRIN Consultative Committee. The ladies and gentlemen of the Committee have prompted much improvements in EGRIN. The site has been made use of intensively in the dissemination of information. The materials there are richer and colleagues are able to find much information they need […]