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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Gaia Hypothesis

I came across Jim Lovelock’s “Gaia – A New Look at Life on Earth” from another book “Complexity – Life at the Edge of Chaos” by Roger Lewin. I bought this book from a few years ago. In the book, Lewin researched on life science and evolution based on the Chaos Theory. He used […]

Planning IT Infrastructure

This is another fine example to demonstrate how IT management work has evolved from the technology-oriented approach a few decades ago to the present day management-oriented approach owing to the growing complexity of the technical details and the high demand of management skills to put the technology to effective use. This has in fact separated […]

IT management work

Pursuant to my last article on IT management duties for EO, I wish to share what actually are being done by an IT manager. ITSD is doing a good job in supporting IT management. Most of the information I append below can be found in the ITG Infostation at, or at CCGO. [Purchase of […]

IT management

Many colleagues enquire what is IT management, and many are quite afraid of such assignment because they do not possess the technical skills. I therefore try to share my experience on IT management assignments with you. I have only been formally posted to an IT management job for less than a year, but I was […]

Work Life balance 2

About 10 years ago, the fad was work hard play hard. To go with the fad, kids played hard; so hard that it must be balanced by working less and the first phrase was forgotten. It was the e-generation, not the cyber e but Ecstasy. When I was in ND, I got the research result […]

Work Life balance

Work-life balance is a fad in recent years. I think the main concern comes from the white collars being more health-conscious, partly because of the booming health industry and their advertising campaign. In my view, work-life balance talks are on the wrong path of advocating less work and more play. Work-life balance actitivies are now […]