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Monthly Archives: September 2005


The September issue of National Geographic is devoted to Africa. It is nice to have a theme for an entire issue, covering many topics concerning Africa, including a series of aerial photographs, description of Nairobi, oil production in Africa, AIDS problem, conservation of tropical forest, situation in Zambia, and of course wildlife. It gives a […]

Human resource management

Human resource management is a specialized subject in management. It is difficult to manage a large group of people each have a mind of their own. Management of managers is even more difficult. I have some experience in working with a large civil service grade of over 2,000 employees. It is a complicated task in […]

Medium of Instruction

MOI is a big issue in Hong Kong, and also in some multi-lingual countries such as Singapore. But it is not an issue in other places, where there is only one daily language, not necessary English. I read a scientific paper on language and the process of consciousness. It said language is the key to […]

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman. Adventures of a curious characterby Richard Feynman, Ralph Leighton, Edward Hutchings Richard Feynman is a theoretical physicist, Nobel prize recipient on Physics, professor of Caltech, a serious academic. However, he is also a curious character and a man of many talent. This book about him is not an autobiography but […]