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Monthly Archives: December 2005

New Year Eve concert 除夕音樂會

近年來,我在大除夕的節目都是港樂的音樂會。可能年紀大了,狂歡倒數的場合已經受不了。大除夕傳統的音樂會一定是輕鬆熱鬧,多是演奏華爾滋和波爾卡舞曲,小約翰史特勞斯的音樂是首選;再請來一個漂亮的花腔女高音,就是一個歡欣的晚上。今晚〈30號〉提早慶祝,在文化中心聽港樂。 今晚港樂請來奧拉魯特納 Ola Rudner 指揮,又邀請女高音弗蒂高娃 Elvira Fatykhova 贈興。曲目有小約翰史特勞斯 Johanne Strauss Junior 的吉卜賽男爵序曲 Gypsy Baron overture,常動曲 Perpetuum mobile ,維也納森林的故事 Tales from the Vienna Woods 和藍色多瑙河 The Blue Danube,又有莫扎特 Mozart 的費加洛的婚禮序曲 The Marriage of Figaro overture ,白遼士 Belioz 的浮士德的天譴拉高基進行曲 La Damnation de Faust: Rakoczy March,蘇佩 Suppe 的輕騎兵序曲 Light Cavalry Overture 和德伏扎克 Dvorak 的第一號斯拉夫舞曲 Slavonic Dance No.1。 指揮十分鬼馬,正好配合除夕音樂會的氣氛,而所有的樂曲都耳熟能詳,整場音樂會聽來輕鬆愉快,毫無壓力。演奏中又加插團員新年祝賀語,盡攪氣氛。 […]

Attention deficit trait

A colleague showed me an article on attention deficit trait, or ADT, which gave an explanation on the behaviour of the stressed executives. ADT isn’t defined as an illness; it’s purely a response to the hyperkinetic environment in which we live. People with ADT have difficulty staying organized, setting priorities, and managing time, and they […]

GPS: friend or foe

IT technicians pay high regard to the technical aspect of the technology, while IT managers have a wider vision by taking the management aspect into account. The recent development of the global positioning system is a fine example. GPS is hailed as the engineering project of the century. The basic principle is simple. Just find […]

Where is my electronic token?

In this complex world, valuable information and financial data are flowing around in the Internet. Financial institutions, which are known to be the most conservative, cautious and security-conscious beings, have all converted to online money transactions. You may think that security in the public network must have reached a mature and reliable state to enable […]