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Monthly Archives: January 2006

More IT management

If you can still remember, I wrote about IT management work for EO last year and explained three categories of IT projects handled by EO, and the specific work involved. There are some recent development in government IT management, mainly outsourcing of services. It makes IT technical work for civil servants easier, but places more […]

Rachel Cheung with HK Phil 張緯晴與港樂

Rachel Cheung 現年只有十四歲,今晚(13日)與香港管弦樂團合作演奏貝多芬 Beethoven 的第四鋼琴協奏曲 Piano Concerto No. 4。Rachel 是本港新進鋼琴家,演藝學院高材生,已經獲取多個國際鋼琴比賽獎項。我曾於去年的藝術節聽過她的獨奏音樂會;當時她彈奏了幾首Liszt 的作品,令我非常驚訝。一個小女孩,坐在 9 尺的鋼琴前,身形顯得很細小,但應付 Liszt 的艱深和澎湃的樂曲,卻是綽綽有餘。但今晚演奏貝多芬,我覺得台型和音樂更為匹配。十四歲的女孩子,不消幾年便會長大,到時她的演出又會更上一層樓。 今晚的音樂還有莫扎特 Mozart 的後宮誘逃序曲 Overture: the Abduction from the Seraglio,布烈頓 Britten 的青少年管弦樂隊指南 Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra,旺威廉士 Vaughan Williams 的綠袖子幻想曲 Fantasia on Greensleeves 和約翰威廉士 John Williams 的星球大戰組曲。 下午曾再看莫札特傳,其中描述莫札特被委託寫這首德文歌劇後宮誘逃,音樂十分精彩,皇帝想不到怎樣回應,就說太多音符了;莫札特大為光火,就此得罪了皇帝。另一首布烈頓的青少年管弦樂隊指南,聽來好似上音樂課。其實我很喜歡這首樂曲,不論是 Pucell 的主題和布烈頓的賦格曲樂段都好聽,旁白反而有點干擾。但今晚做旁白的林家琦 Kathy Lam,是第四台節目主持,人漂亮聲音又甜美,我都無話可說了。

A private school in Discovery Bay

I have a bad habit of reading the agenda and papers of LegCo and its committees and panels, probably an occupational hazard from the old days. But it is now leisure reading instead of work, and so the joy is a bit different. The facts contained in the papers are much more accurate than reading […]

EGRIN consultative committee

A friend informed me about the discussions in the last EGRIN consultative committee meeting held in November. It is important that this modern communication platform be given due attention. Online interactive communication is growing so fast that new approaches are coming up every month. EOs are ahead of many other grades in having such a […]