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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Talent market

Recently, I read an article from Mckinsey Quarterly March issue on “Making a market in talent” by Lowell Bryan, Claudia Joyce, and Leigh Weiss. It is especially relevant to the EO grade which is suffering from the symptom identified in the paper. The solution offered, which could be a suitable model for an improved posting […]

IPCC incident 2

The press report below is a good reference summing up the responses of various sectors on the IPCC incident. It is the usual way the Hong Kong press handles such materials, i.e. putting everything in the wok and producing a dish of chop-suey without analyzing and assessing the practicability and feasibility of the views. One […]

IPCC incident

This is a very unfortunate incident, especially when it happened in IPCC, which is a department almost exclusively staffed by EO. Please see latest press report below. Barring any intentional malicious act by the persons with proper authorization to data access, which is something any IT security system could not prevent, the data leakage seems […]

Frankenstein and Sisyphus

There is another sci-fi movie mentioned in Mark Rowlands’ book. It is an old movie on Frankenstein, which was re-made many times. The author draws reference to Frankenstein’s monster to the philosophy of the meaning of life. There are many different lines of argument in the book on the topic, evolving around the absurdity of […]

Philosopher at the end of the universe

Just finished reading the book The Philosopher at the End of the Universe by Mark Rowlands. The feature of the book is that it uses many sci-fi movies to elaborate on the various theories of philosophy, making the dry subjects much more interesting to read. The author said that the book is equivalent to university […]

Flower Show 花展 2006