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Monthly Archives: February 2007

RFID data leak

I just read from PC World an article on how new credit cards with embedded RFID could leak your personal information. The article quoted its source from a research paper to be released by the RFID Consortium for Security and Privacy (RFID-CUSP) which is a partnership between academic and industrial scientists specializing in RFID security […]

Work Life balance 3

The Japanese way is a good example of another approach to work life balance. I always thought that the common perception of work life balance through the introduction of life activities to balance the stressed work activities is wrong in principle. Work hard play hard is a hazardous approach. Instead, work well play well can […]

Technological determinism

There was an article in Wired News on the Seeds of Surveillance. It reported on a symposium on the Fourth Amendment held by the Stanford Technology Law Review. At the symposium, participants asked whether traditional conceptions of constitutional privacy are adequate when modern technology tracks personal information in entirely new ways. You may wish to […]

Charitable organizations and environmental groups

A friend commented on the situation of some under privileged highly educated members of the society, that some university graduates work as telephone salesmen or street salesmen of insurance, properties and telecommunication services, etc. I reflect on some colleagues who cry day and night on hard work, not being recognised of their effort, not able […]