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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Traveller’s Dilemma

I took a second look into the old decision making theory because of an article I read recently in the June 2007 issue of Scientific American. It is a very interesting article on a game called the Traveller’s Dilemma. The study on decision making has evolved from the classical study of rational analysis to the […]

Humble decision making

The reason of my search for my old article on decision making is another paper by Amitai Etzioni I obtained from the Internet just recently. It is called Humble Decision Making and is an elaboration of the decision making theory. Although it is old, published in HBR in 1989, many of the observations are still […]

Decision making

Some time ago, I had a discussion with friends on the theory of decision making. Decision making theory is one of my favourite subjects in college. In fact it is an examination question I chose to answer which helped me get good marks. My early study was based on a paper by Amitai Etzioni. The […]

Global warming 2

There is no need to blame the G8 leaders. Politicians are a different breed of animals. Owing to the democracy platform, their paradigm is based on public opinion. Public opinion can be manipulated easily serving the interests of the dominant groups, but not necessarily the majority groups. In any case, politicians are balancing various interests […]

Global warming

A friend asked me to sign a petition asking the G8 leaders to take action to abate carbon dioxide emission. I signed the petition. This is good consolation to quiet some of my guilts induced by environmentalists on my fault to warm the planet earth. I must confess that I live in a city for […]