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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Search engines

Research work is now quite easy with massive data on the Internet. Many people depend on the Internet for information. You can type anything in any search engine and you will be given much information related to any topic you like. It is so common nowadays that such action has become natural to us. We […]

Illusion of freedom

In considering different views of different groups on the Queen’s Pier saga, I brought up the issue of freedom in honouring opposite views on grounds of freedom of speech. Freedom is not confined to freedom of speech. Freedom of action is another important aspect. Freedom of the will also has a deep philosophical meaning. The […]

The top 10 dying computer skills

IT evolves very quickly. New products are coming into the market by the month. The skills required to handle the technology have to be updated frequently. This is always a problem for the technicians that they have to keep on learning new techniques, some from scratch. IT managers are a little bit better because managerial […]