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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Your sign board

Yesterday I read from the Internet a photograph of a sign board below.  It is supposed to be a joke of someone by putting it outside his house.  However, it struck me as being much more than a joke.  It has a philosophical undertone and reflects the reality and the dilemma we face everyday with […]

The Drunkard’s Walk

The Drunkard’s WalkHow Randomness rules our livesby Leonard Mlodinow There are many books on randomness.  Most of them explore the very frequent random events occurring around us; that randomness is actually the norm in nature instead of the determinism and causality human beings seek.  Random walk is a scientific term describing the movement of atoms […]


Research in Motion may as well rest in peace.  The most powerful feature of its Blackberry phone is being banned in UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.  The feature is the encrypted email and SMS being sent to a server of choice.  It is different from many public-domain webmail and SMS services which transmit data unencrypted. […]