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Your sign board

Yesterday I read from the Internet a photograph of a sign board below.  It is supposed to be a joke of someone by putting it outside his house.  However, it struck me as being much more than a joke.  It has a philosophical undertone and reflects the reality and the dilemma we face everyday with regard to our personal data.

A philosopher said: You are just what you did.  What you are is the things you did that others remember you.  The things you did are your personal data.  Others need to know such data in other to remember, or even recognize, your existence.  If you want others to do something for you, which is now a daily essential event in the modern world, you need to flash your personal data around.

Your personal data is the sign board you display to the world outside your house.  Everyone walks by will look at it.  If the sign board says you need something and it is available with someone, he may offer the service.  A sign board displayed in public is not a private sign.  If it is displayed in public then you cannot ask the public not to read it.  The bottom line is: What is written on your sign board is your responsibility.  At least you have to write down sufficient personal data in order that others cold understand what you need.  Now the problem: He may pass on your personal data to someone else so that your need is met; or guess what your future needs are and act accordingly.