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Your octopus cash card is a proximity card. It works when it gets near to a reader/writer. We all have an octopus card. Some are personal cards linked to a credit card account, and some are standalone cards requiring periodic cash deposit updating. The news below reveals the real power of the card, and its network. This man with an octopus card, a standalone card, was tracked down by the police from the fare payment record of the bus which was linked to fare payment records of other public transport. His journey was mapped. Payment records of purchase in convenient stores and other shops were also tracked, thus a personal profile was created, including his area of movement, purchase habit, what he liked to eat, what he liked to buy. His face was then identified from CCTV record of the shops. I refer to myself that I use octopus card and credit card on all spendings. Cash is only used in taxi. My complete profile is available to those who would try to track me.

There are movies about the power of technology in tracking down information. Whenever someone used his credit card, CIA as well as hackers would immediately know his whereabout. Cars were installed with GPS device for security. The whereabout of the car was known worldwide to law enforcement agencies and hi-tech criminals. These are all known technologies. Now we have an octopus card for everyday use including tracking. With more powerful readers, which may already exist, our physical location may be tracked through the octopus card by the minute by numerous readers available everywhere.

The good news is that a city dweller can then totally integrate into the community and enjoy the services and security of a modern city. Criminals and terrorists can be monitored. The price is that we also offer ourselves to be monitored. While Hong Kong recently had a debate on street surveillance and stopped the police installing CCTV cameras in the streets, I read about the surveillance system in London where there are CCTV cameras in almost every street corner and public place. President Bush also admitted that the USA government read all internet mail, and he claimed it was legal.

Do you feel unsafe if there is no guardian angel watching you in the dark?