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Writing assignment

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do. But the advertisement said it so nicely that it seems to be legitimate business. And it is global. I read about this service of writing assignment last week. You may wish to browse the website for details.

They write your paper for you. The service includes:
Custom write your essay assignment (term papers, essays, case studies, book reports, application essays) according to your requirements; at a fee of HK$75 per page, each page is 225 words. They will follow your required format and references are free and included. Papers are sent to you by email. Located around the world, they probably write your paper in a backroom somewhere in Sydney or New York.

I’ve always thought writing your paper is part of the learning and asking someone else write it for you is cheating. But these guys called themselves your writing assistant. You can attend lectures, read books, think on a topic, make an outline, and these guys will do the research for you, make up a database, do the data mining and statistics, write your paper from beginning to end with a conclusion you may or may not think of. Most importantly, they guarantee you can at least get a pass.

This service is not cheap, HK$75 for a short page of 225 words. I guess a short dissertation will probably cost HK$10000.

We need to re-think the moral standard as well as the learning mode. Students in the past were asked to do calculation by hand. Now calculators are permitted. There are now many statistical tools around that researchers do not have to burn the midnight oil to do the mathematics. We build our knowledge based on others so we do not have to learn how to make wheels anymore. All kinds of tools are available to make learning easier. But is writing your paper a step that can be eliminated as well? In any case, a market is being formed.

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