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Mendelssohn in Shatin

The Hong Kong Philharmonic played Mendelssohn in Shatin Town Hall last night (1 April 2005). The concert hall, similar to the one in Tsuen Wan Town Hall, was modeled on the design of the City Hall Concert Hall. I love the acoustics of these halls, much better than that of the Cultural Centre. When I lived in Tsuen Wan more than 15 years ago, I went to Tsuen Wan Town Hall often. Shatin Town Hall is a bit far away, but it is enjoyable to spend an evening there once in a while.

Last night was an all Mendelssohn programme with only two pieces: Octet and Scottish Symphony. Mendelssohn is a composer I like, with music easy to listen and digest. He does not look very handsome in my eyes. See this portray below.

This is the first time I listened to Octet, a four-movement work played by eight soloists. It is an amazing experience as I have a favour for chamber music. The eight solo string players produced harmony not as an enlarged string quartet but as a string orchestra. I respect solo players in chamber music more as players in ensemble have others’ support while soloists do not.

The Scottish Symphony is more familiar. It is a wonderful work of Mendelssohn. The music paints an image of the vast landscape of Scotland and its rough coastline. There are also images of the majestic castles and soundscape of bagpipes and folk tunes.

It is an enjoyable concert. Anyone lives near Shatin and went to this concert last night?