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Work Life balance 2

About 10 years ago, the fad was work hard play hard. To go with the fad, kids played hard; so hard that it must be balanced by working less and the first phrase was forgotten. It was the e-generation, not the cyber e but Ecstasy. When I was in ND, I got the research result from USA that the average time for a kid to be offered Ecstasy in a party was 30 seconds.

Now the direction has turned to work life balance. To go with the fad, people rushed to balance work stress by staying calm and peaceful. Now parties offer K. Just a few years ago, the pharmacy experts in ND only knew ketamine as an anesthetic used by veterinarians. Now it is widely used by kids to stay peaceful.

The four elements health, wealth, wisdom and relationship are a good way to keep one’s balance. Take life activities for example, the first rule must be staying healthy. That’s why I cannot go trekking in Tibet owing to my deteriorating health. I’ll try some luxury tours to Tibet with air-conditioned coach later. The second element is wealth. We should be able to gather wealth, especially mental and spiritual wealth through life activities, and fulfill the highest hierarchy of needs: self-actualization. The third is wisdom. Play wise and be wiser after you play. It requires a very good understanding of the activities and exploration to get answers. Relationship is mentioned as the last but not the least element. The article points out that relationship extends to family and friends, colleagues and the community. We need to make sure that life activities must enrich all these relationship.

I think the key to such life activities is dedication, often found in hobbies. Like the speakers of the WLB seminars, they have good hobbies which they spent a lot of the time and their hearts on. They are dedicated to a theme, love it, work on it a lot, perfect it, and share it, taking in all four elements. This is different from our daily selfish enjoyment like I sneaked out without my wife for a sci-fi movie.

We ourselves hold the key to time management. But time apportionment is not the only measure for balance. It is the quality that counts. We only need to spend the right time in the office. The boss will be satisfied as long as quality work is delivered. Also, we only need to spend quality time with the family. Long time no love doesn’t count. Unless your hobby is athletic, just a small time of exercise each day, some say 20 minutes, is sufficient to stay healthy. Actually the most dangerous activity is hobby. Some spent a lot of time on it.