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e-Government strategy – EGRIN

I wish to liken the e-government at a grand scale to the e-services of EGRIN at a smaller scale. Both are facing the same issues. CITB has made the move to enhance e-government. The strategy announced is quite applicable to EGRIN.

The e-government strategy is a very good pointer of the direction that we should be heading. Should we envision what the future would look like, we should be proactive and take positive steps forward in order to stay ahead. The sign is very clear and people all want to climb on the bandwagon. But like any change, there are always the innovators and the bystanders. A LegCo member once said: there are a lot of e-government services offered in parallel with traditional mode of service of delivery, making a lot of redundancy. He asked that for the e-services to be cost effective, there must be corresponding cut-back in traditional services. The e-government strategy has realized this point and put customer orientation and migration as the foremost initiatives. Only when customers are channeled to e-services could the transformation be successful.

We have EGRIN established a few years ago and have an early start of the e-services. We are at the stage that there is a parallel run of the traditional way and modern way of communication. The e-government strategy is a very good reminder that we should forge ahead quickly and make more effective use of EGRIN as our day-to-day form of communication between GGO and members of the grade, and between colleagues.

EGRIN is quite mature as a centre for the depository of information. What is now needed is exactly what the e-government strategy is crying out, i.e. customer orientation, customer migration and leadership.

For customer orientation, we could introduce personalized features and aligned customer interface so that colleagues could navigate EGRIN with ease and fun. For customer migration, we need to speed up and facilitate the migration of customers towards e-services, and provide high value services for targetted utilization improvement. These are measures stated in the e-government strategy.

The most important point of the strategy is government leadership in e-services. Similarly, the most important point for the success of EGRIN is GGO leadership. There are much that could be done instead of waiting for members of the grade to convert. There should be more proactive steps in the promotion of e-services. We could start with the exchange forum and e-learning. The goal is to make EGRIN a place where colleagues would wish to visit everyday for news, up-to-date information, references for work, JIT learning, expert advice, and interesting and joyful conversation with colleagues.