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e-Government strategy – general management

General management and IT management have mingled to a large extent. In small departments, EO colleagues in general management are all involved in the management of the office network and also the department website. The initiatives raised in the booklet, viz. accessibility to modern office equipment and network equipment, the authentication and security issues, public access of information, the effect of Electronic Transaction Ordinance, as well as standardization of website design have all prompted additional demand on the knowledge and skill for office managers.

Furthermore, the e-government strategy announced in the booklet gives due emphasis to customer orientation and customer migration. Much public services have to gear towards orienting customers better and migrating customers towards e-services. I look around and observe that our multi-skill EOs are involved in the operations of many departments. The extra effort required to promote e-services in general will consequently create additional demand on IT management. Colleagues who are involved in such activities may wish to share their experience with us here.