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e-Government strategy – Financial Management

A less observed but equally important area in the strategy is financial management. In fact, government accounting is among the first projects to make use of IT. The LAFIS has been extended to all departments many years ago. The hardware and services of LAFIS are provided by the Treasury and EOs in finance just need to be acquainted with the operation of the workstations and to understand the navigation of the system. LAFIS is now undergoing a major overhaul and a new GFMIS will replace LAFIS by 2005/2006. This time, departments have to manage their own network and workstations to connect with the new system using web interface. The demand on IT management skill for financial managers will increase.

Furthermore, the booklet also announces the change in funding priority, business process re-engineering and measurement of full benefits for IT projects. These affect both departmental managers and bureau resource managers. These colleagues should have already felt the change in managing funding applications online, and the extra skills in evaluating the total costs and work process required in dealing with all projects. The trend in this respect is steep upward as more and more projects are related to IT one way or another.