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e-Government strategy – Networking

Although the e-Government strategy basically rides on the use of IT. Its effect is on many facets of management work. In particular, when G2E applications are concerned, there is heavy impact on the work of HR managers. The way that HR managers interact with staff has already changed and will change further with more intensive use of IT in this area of work.

The booklet highlights networking government as a major theme. It is essentially about the internal communication within the government. The old days when not all staff are connected to the network, and correspondence and announcements have to be circulated through the flow of papers are almost gone. Government is launching the accessibility programme where much resources and urgency are attached to the target of letting all staff have access to the network. A departmental portal programme has been launched last year for easy authentication so that staff could have access to various web applications. The first such applications are ePay and eLeave. More applications concerning staff benefits are coming on stream. Also, CSB and OCGIO have started a project on a common HRM system to be used by all departments. I think colleagues are quite familiar with the changes I mentioned above which occurred within the last year. Pretty soon, HR managers will be doing all their work online and all their services will be e-services. HR managers, aka EOs, have to get ready for the change quickly.

Again, we must be grateful that we already have the e-platform of EGRIN where EO grade management is gradually being conducted online. Its popularity will grow as more essential information are only disseminated there. The present situation where only 30 colleagues out of more than 2000 regularly read EGRIN mail will gradually change as the number slowly grows to a critical mass.