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e-Government strategy – eLearning

The first thing in the booklet that caught my eye is that eLearning has been included as the first initiative under the strategy. With improved accessibility to the network for most staff, eLearning is regarded as an essential G2E application. Many departments have already engaged in eLearning, in particular the CSTDI’s Cyber Learning Centre (CLC) which offers online courses for all civil servants. In fact, I also found a lot of online training programmes offered by various institutions on the Internet. The world trend is moving towards online learning which could make very effective use of the trainees’ time. The programmes are interactive and include tests to gauge the progress and achievement of trainees. Some of them are supplemented by infrequent lectures just to retain the human element.

Luckily, we also have EGRIN which is already an eLearning platform. A lot of training materials have been deposited in EGRIN. All we need is to kick start a real eLearning programme. I suggest that all elementary EO training should be done online mandatory for junior colleagues. The precious time of our T&D colleagues could then be focused on high level seminars involving important speakers. Of course such seminars could then be transformed into online programmes.