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e-Government strategy

Colleagues may have already received the booklet on e-Government strategy issued by CITB. The title is Government – Creating value for all. If you have not read it, a copy can be viewed at the following link.

It is a follow-up document to 2004 Digital 21 Strategy, and outlines what the government has done and will do on a sustainable e-government strategy. When I read the booklet, I have a feeling that the government is quite determined in this direction and some concrete steps have been taken to implement the strategy.

John Tsang said in the booklet that the Government had placed great importance on e-government work for three reasons-
– First, developing e-government allows us to improve operational efficiency and introduce service improvements to benefit our customers, through technology exploitation and service transformation.
– Second, it is an effective way to drive the wider adoption of IT in the business sector and community.
– And third, it demonstrates the Government’s leadership role in promoting Hong Kong’s international status as an innovative digital city.

The document is dressed up to present to the public that the government is leading the way in making better use of IT in service delivery. With a slight sense of crisis, one can realize that the scene has been set for the impact of IT both externally in the delivery of public services and internally in the re-engineering of procedures. With the EO grade’s mission of resource and system management, we are at the crunching edge of the tide. In order to ride the wave, it has become very urgent for us to sharpen our saw to be developed into professional IT managers, both for doing our bread and butter function of resource and system management, and to get to the turf of IT management of public service delivery systems. It is essential that we should be able to say to our customers that we would provide professional managers to handle any IT management jobs.

The booklet points out that the next wave of e-government would be developed along a “CARING” theme as follows:
– Customer Orientation: developing e-services around customers’ needs,
– Customer Migration: driving utilization through creation of customer value and rationalization of channels,
– Accessibility; enhancing the reach and user-friendliness of government information and services,
– Authentication: striking a better balance between ease of use, risk level and security provisions of e-services,
– Re-engineering and Service Transformation: joining up across government departments to provide one-stop and more efficient services,
– Infrastructure: updating our infrastructure to serve the future needs of customers and departments,
– Networking Government: reinforcing the e-culture among government employees, and
– Government Leadership: providing strong leadership to steer the overall development.

Many of these initiatives have affected and will further affect our work. I will examine the detailed description on them in the booklet and compare them with my experience in dealing with some of them.

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