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General duties – career

A colleague had a good idea on the career prospect of general duties clerks and secretaries.

“There is the recent ‘management-initiated’ development proposed by GGO, i.e., the centrifugal absorption of clerks/secretaries to the EO grade. If I were a clerk/PS, I would have been contented.

If we look for an approach to determine appointments by merits, I think the natural course will be for all directorate posts to be recruited through open appointments; similarly, EO II posts be open to clerks or whatever general grade colleagues.”

I fully agree with the idea. We should surely let clerks and secretaries advance to EOs. But only for those capable. The CRE is a fair test to identify the deserving ones.

We are venturing to the area where all promotion posts should also be filled by appointment and fair selection. It would incur more work for the HR managers, but it would be fair. I understand in the Hospital Authority, upward or lateral movements are determined by selection, i.e. people have to apply for senior posts or same posts in another hospital and to compete through selection interviews.