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General duties executive assistants

I understand that SFAA employs a lot of NCSC staff. I recruited some assistants three years ago who were previously working in SFAA as temporary staff vetting applications from students. Also, I met an EA seconded from SFAA to EMB in 2002. If departmental secretaries (i.e. all-purpose general multi-skill clerks and secretaries cum junior office managers) require a degree, that means junior managers (EOIIs) could be performing new-style clerical, secretarial and managerial duties. Nowadays, with the help of IT, many managers do their daily chores like drafting, typing, scheduling, electronic filing at their desktops. Email have replaced much paper correspondence.

We need to look at this new layer and consider our position in longitudinal integration. We can downward integrate with clerks and secretaries, or we can professionalize and upward integrate with policy making, leaving general support duties to be performed by a new generation of multi-skill executive assistants. One option is to hive off EOII and combine it with clerks and secretaries to form a new degree grade for general office management. They can have advancement opportunities to the EO grade, starting at EOI level, and with raised entry requirements, e.g. 4 years working experience.