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Monthly Archives: April 2007

RFID Marathon

RFID monitored Marathon races are all over USA. Please see below an extract of an interesting article from CNN. Not for long, Hong Kong Marathon will probably do the same. Then we will know the position of our Marathon lovers along the road and their speed of running as they progress. Such is the latest […]

The world is flat for Burberry

Whether you accept it for its virtue or reject it for its evil deed, the world is flat because of the present level of improvement in transportation and communication, making goods, services and information travelling freely around the world. There are profound changes and the human kind has to learn to adapt to it. When […]

Pursuing knowledge

There are many articles in the last few decades on pursuing knowledge as a competitive tool. They contrast sharply with the traditional view of knowledge seeking as self fulfilling. Many philosophers along three thousand years considered seeking knowledge as the end rather than the means. Knowledge had for a long long time been kept high […]