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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Heavenly harp

Last Friday (20 Feb) I went to Teresa Suen’s harp recital. The harp is generally regarded as the musical instrument in heaven. The image of an angel playing harp in the clouds has been for many hundred years the representation of heavenly scene. The characteristic of the sound of harp, with fast scale and arpeggio […]

Public Records Office

My memory of the Public Records Office was a lonely old building in Cotton Tree Drive, behind the old Murray House, at the site of the present Bank of China. It moved to the Murray Road Carpark in the 70’s. I visited it there once on research work and was guided to a secret room […]

Lifting of Excommunication

You may have heard the latest news that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was demanding the Pope to reject the denial of the Holocaust. This has become the leading world news recently. The root of such argument on a historical tragic event happened during World War II is the action by the Pope to lift […]