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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Do not track me

Amendments to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance will be effective on 1 April 2013.  Companies are required to notify their customers about using their personal data for direct marketing.   Citizens of Hong Kong received notification of this use from many companies in March.  They will be presumed to have given consent to such if objection […]

Beethoven’s Late String Quartets – Sublime Madness?

I wonder if Daniel Chua wrote a book on all Beethoven’s late string quartets, or is going to.  But he was invited to speak on such at CU’s Book Club on 22 March, and the material could construe a book.  Daniel Chua is the Head of the School of Humanities, HKU, and is a music […]

Cloud computing security

There are many horror stories concerning IT security, which I think are overrated.  All systems have security risks.  Even the most basic method of double locking valuable documents in an expensive safe is not absolutely safe.  Safes could be breached; locked offices could be broken in; documents could be lost in transit; officers could be […]

Cloud computing – Software as a service SaaS

With the IT infrastructure in place in the cloud, managers need to make use of their functions for the delivery of IT services.  Besides computer hardware in the cloud, computer software could also be put and operated in the cloud.  Computer software are usually referred to in two levels.  One is the basic operating system […]

Cloud computing – Infrastructure as a service IaaS

When things are in the cloud, the ground is clear. An IT infrastructure is the backbone of IT applications and IT services.  Managers who are responsible for departmental IT matters would know all the issues associated with setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure in the department.  Work would start from the basic requirement of accommodating […]

Cloud computing in the government

Cloud computing is the order of the day.  The market is now flooded with cloud services.  All major IT service providers are competing to offer the best, fastest, most versatile and most secure cloud services. They are now in great demand.  There are much talks on the mystery of cloud computing.  Simply put, it is […]