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Terror attack in Norway

Just got back from a wonderful trip in Italy and heard the sad news in Norway. Norway is a beautiful place, peaceful and natural. But the world is not perfect and there are always disasters happening somewhere everyday. We live in a changing planet and natural disasters have been with the human kind for more than a million years. The sad thing about this one is that it is not a natural disaster but a man-made one. Someone deliberately did harm to other human beings for a special purpose.

Everybody is now blame seeking. First they put the blame to the Al Qaeda, and then to Islamic extremists, and then to right wing extremists. There are many supposed reasons put forward and self-claimed theories on conflicts arising from history, cultural differences and religious differences. But history has been with us for a long long time and we often see different cultures and different religions existed together peacefully. The world is diverse and differences are in our daily life. It is not an excuse for such man-made disaster for any difference in customs and opinions.

The truth is being revealed gradually. The culprit was apprehended and his background exposed. It is a case of human poisoned by religion and he relegated himself back ten centuries to the age of the crusaders. He called himself a member of the knights templar whose mission in life was to get rid of Muslims and everybody else being friendly to them. This kind of christian supremacy is of course a sick mind. Ten centuries ago, Europe was in chaos, suffering from the plague and warfare. The lie created by religion was that the reason for the turmoil being the fall of Jerusalem to the Muslims. This lie led to two hundred years of the war of the Crusaders, loss of many lives and great suffering to a lot of people, especially to those in the holy land. The ill effect of this lie still lingers today as illustrated by this sad case. It is very dangerous for man pretending to be god.